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      Publicity & Announcement

      It is a specialized service in the field of advertising, designing and printing, and every year our printing services grow to the point of professionalism in line with the changing needs of the market. We are proud to be able to find the right solution for all types and methods of printing, from the principle of integration. Touch Advertising Corporation is your partner to the path of success and development.

      Advertising is a medium of spread

      Who currently does not have a television set in his home where dozens of commercial advertisements displaying various products and services are displayed? People every day.

      Types of advertising

      They are either advertisements for the product or providing a service, which the advertising companies specifically do is design advertisements for companies and institutions of logos, distinctive marks and packaging that the product comes out with to the public and modify its shape if necessary at times.

      The importance of advertising

      We can summarize it in a number of points, including that the advertisement is the gateway to identify the company's products and services, as many commercial companies remain marginalized and no one knows about them because they are unable to identify their products through advertising, while advertising provides a window that the buyer or consumer can look at. And learn about all new products and services.

      Publicity and Announcement

      Many of us wonder about what advertising is and about its utmost importance in increasing the supply and demand for the product, especially in the modern time, and why agencies have been established specifically for advertising with the aim of providing the best advertisements and promotional advertising to other companies. Advertising is a persuasive communication process, aiming to transfer influence from an advertiser to a consumer with the aim of raising his motivation to buy a product, or use a service, through oral, written and visual advertising media.

      Innovative designs

      The highest level of designs you can imagine as they can mix between simple lines from black and white to the highest levels of design of colors in different areas of advertising. The strength of our designs depends on understanding the customer's vision and converting it into an image that reaches his customers and increases his sales.


      The design conveys a message and also leaves the design an extremely important impression of your company that it is efficient and quality, and the aesthetic sense in design can increase your sales, as it has proven that the beautiful environment or the way you package the product is a critical factor in the repeated purchase of the product.

      The importance of design

      Far from the issue of aesthetics, design contributes to creating a defining relationship between a potential customer and your product, and directly affects the decision to buy.

      For design

      Also, great importance in your excellence in showing the product because the way in which your products stand out, whether by your logo or the design of the product, tells your customers who you are.

      Advertising designs

      Logo Design - Personal Cards Design - Pattern Paper Design - Envelope Design - Flyer Design - Brochure Design - Poster Design - CD Design - Coaster Design - Notebook Design - Folder Design - Web Design - Paper Block Design - Cars Design - Interior Banner Design - brochure design - office result design - menus design - bags design - documents design - instruction board design.

      Printing solutions

      We always strive to provide a wide range of printing solutions for all activities and according to the sizes of companies and their needs, we direct you to the type of printing suitable for your request. We provide various types of printing: offset printing - digital printing - silk screen printing - transfer printing - indoor printing - outdoor printing.

      Advantages of offset printing in advertising

      Advantages of offset printing in advertising High print quality and clarity with the ability to print on different materials - the unit cost decreases as the quantity increases - the best solutions in the case of printing in large quantities Offset printing has an initial cost of equipment for printing and is borne on the unit price and this is reflected in the unit cost in small quantities with a higher price And it decreases as the quantity increases.

      Advantages of digital printing in advertising

      Digital printing is characterized by the accuracy of the printed numbers and the lack of waste with the stability of the color degree without variation during the quantity, it is more expensive in small quantities compared to offset printing. If you want to receive in a limited time, digital printing is the best solution for you.

      Silk screen printing for advertising

      Silkscreen printing is an old and manual printing that depends on the craft and techniques of the worker and it is based on the idea of printing by stencils by using silk mesh. Silkscreen is also used to print promotional gifts and finished products such as pens, sunshades and others.

      Output printing role in advertising

      Out door printing is a special printing of road signs used for advertising and the inks used are intended to withstand the sun, rain and harsh weather conditions for long periods with the (Double Strike) feature, a feature that gives high color intensity and clarity of color. Out door printing is used in various prints: Banner printing, vinyl printing, flexo printing, backlight printing, mash printing and see through printing.

      Transfer printing in advertising and advertising

      Transfer printing is a print based on the thermal transfer process of digital color printing to the final product. Transfer printing uses the highest quality digital printing technology to print color images and corporate logo on various advertising materials. Transfer printing is used for T-shirt printing - mug printing - medals printing - mouse pad printing - coaster printing.

      Print in-door the role in advertising and advertising

      It is a print that is used indoors to display advertising and propaganda banners, and it is not exposed to the sun. Indoor printing uses different materials for indoor printing, including glossy printing, cushioned printing, vinyl printing and other materials.

      Our mission

      Is to get the highest quality and at a cost that suits your budget for various services, you will receive a professional service with a touch of the idea or perception to the achievement, the Office World for advertising and advertising is your integrated partner for graphic design services and printing services We do not sell design or print We sell marketing solutions Effective and that means integrated support for all your needs.


      We always strive to provide the best service to you .. If there is any inquiry you have, please click on the next button and fill in the data .. Thank you for your kind contact ..