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      Introducing LASERWORLD

      Its services in cutting and carving using laser technology and put in your hands a world of imagination and creativity to implement all the advertising products and services you require on the latest international laser machines according to a wonderful and elegant design that cares about the smallest and most accurate details.

      Laser cutting technology?

      Laser cutting is a method of converting a 2D file into something tangible. This technique can be implemented On various materials such as leather, plastic, wood and cardboard.


      Laser cutting is very effective in many applications where rapid production is necessary. It is difficult to cut with high precision when you are using traditional manufacturing methods. The limitations imposed by traditional manufacturing processes have been removed through laser cutting technology, which allows for freedom of design and in larger quantities than before. Some advantages of laser cutting:

      • Work with high precision
      • Save raw materials
      • High speed
      • Cut a bunch of different materials
      • The ability to cut and sculpt


      One of the materials that a laser machine supports in cutting, engraving

      • laser7


      • laser8

        Paper-based materials

      • laser9


      • laser10


      • laser11

        Wood materials

      • laser12


        Samples of materials manufactured by laser machine

        • laser13
        • laser14
        • laser15


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