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      Office World Team

      Since the establishment of the world of office in 2002, we have worked to secure all the needs of our valued customers in terms of office supplies of all kinds and varieties, which provides the customer with the ease of securing these needs at prices and the presence of competition in the market. To our customers and we were keen to ensure quality so that we have the same position that we gain in the rest of the services we provide, as this service includes the following sections:

      Maintenance and technical support



      Technical systems


      • Network infrastructure design and implementation
      • Network expansion and maintenance
      • Network storage services
      • Network protection devices


    • Building and implementing server systems and all their services
    • Control devices and user powers
    • Monitor devices and employee screens
    • Antivirus insurance and support
    • Maintenance

      • Securing the maintenance of desktop and laptop computers
      • Insurance and maintenance of printers and copiers
      • Providing comprehensive maintenance contracts
      • Meet maintenance requests in the fastest time

      Technical and security services:

    • CCTV surveillance cameras
    • Fire and theft alarm systems
    • Time recording devices
    • Internal PBX and IP PBX
    • Office World Team

      We have a specialized team working on managing it by a group of experts in the field of networks of all kinds, where the company provides many services in the field of networks of all kinds to all customers, whether for companies or individuals, including designing and installing networks, developing and expanding networks, network maintenance, supplying network requirements.


      Network design and installation We provide many services in the field of networks of all kinds, where we design and install computer networks of all kinds on demand, including fiber-optic networks and others, import and install network supplies of all kinds, maintain networks of all kinds, expand and develop networks, download programs for operating networks, define service points, and implement Preventive maintenance programs for networks according to the manufacturer's instructions, diagnose their malfunctions using measuring and testing devices, repair and adjust them, calibrate them and restart them. And the application of safety and occupational health measures. Network expansion and maintenance We have a team specialized in developing and expanding pre-existing networks of all kinds, wired and wireless, where this team works in accordance with quality standards to provide high-quality service and has the necessary experience to check networks of all kinds, locate faults, repair them, replace and install damaged parts to operate the network again. Technical support for institutions and companies We provide technical support service to institutions and companies by signing contracts with institutions and companies, as we have experience in the field of technical support. We also provide you with a specialized team in this field that can meet you upon request during a specific period of requesting the service when needed or when encountering a malfunction in the company's or institution’s networks .


      When there are more than one device connected on the network and sharing its resources together, there must be a central body that works to manage the necessary powers and settings between these devices in order to ensure data protection and control of the servers The server is a device with high specifications on which a specific operating system works, called Server, which is based on managing, monitoring and providing services to the rest of the devices within the network, which for him is a client. And make backup copies and specify the permissions on the files. We provide systems services, such as servers, protection programs, and monitoring the network and its devices, and we can set up a company e-mail server where all messages and settings are stored within the company on it.

      Maintenance and technical support:

      The company provides many services in the field of maintenance of computer equipment, printers and technical support, as the company has many maintenance experts who work within regular work teams working to provide various maintenance services around the clock for all customers, whether for companies or individuals, including computer maintenance as well as maintenance of printers and others. We work to provide maintenance contracts for companies and institutions, as we provide them with maintenance specialists with maintenance visits to provide the service at reasonable prices. Computer hardware maintenance We maintain computers of all kinds (laptop - office) by examining and diagnosing computer faults using measuring and checking devices and programs, fixing faults, and restarting them. And the application of safety measures, and downloading the operating programs for operating the computer, and operating them according to the manuals for downloading the various computer programs, implementing preventive maintenance programs for the computer according to the instructions of the manufacturer. Maintenance contracts with companies and institutions The company provides maintenance contracts service for companies and institutions, and through this service, we will make periodic checks for all computers and their accessories, which will ensure that they continue to work without problems. We offer good and competitive prices for others with a high quality guarantee in maintenance services. Printers maintenance The company provides excellent services in the field of maintaining printers and filling inks for all types of printers, as the company has an integrated team specialized in maintaining and updating printers of various kinds. We can also secure spare parts for printers and install them or buy new printers for you.

      Technical systems:

      Monitor your home, office, and factory remotely through one of the security surveillance systems and cameras that we provide for you, to ensure your protection, safety and the security of your property. We have a technical team with the highest level of experience in the field of installing all types of security surveillance cameras. We have the strongest offers to supply and install security systems with the best the prices. Observation cameras Surveillance cameras allow you to view and record everything that is happening within your property day or night, sound and image, allowing you to view it from anywhere by simply connecting to the Internet and you have access to your settings and your equipment, which guarantees the safety of your property and your continuous monitoring of it. There are many types of cameras according to the customer’s need and the place to be monitored There are also many settings that can be added to the monitoring system to be more effective, such as recording when any movement is sensed to ensure the preservation of storage areas. Alarm systems The alarm system allows the facility owner to notify the presence of any danger that may come to this facility from theft or fires in several ways, including: Sending a sound High to alert passers-by and residents nearby to the facility, and be heard very clearly at a suitable distance. Call several numbers that are predetermined. Send a message to specific numbers


      We always strive to provide the best service to you .. If there is any inquiry you have, please click on the next button and fill in the data .. Thank you for your kind contact ..