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      The launch

      Office World Company was established in 2002 in Damascus for its founder, Mr. Tariq Al-Mobayed, and the idea of the company was launched to provide professional services And the important consultations within our company divisions in the field of office supplies and supplies for all large, medium and small companies in All banking, financial and other markets under the slogan of an integrated office solution, and from its early years it was able to put its mark and verify Success and access to distinction and exclusivity of these services so far.

      Our vision and mission

      Providing excellent services that meet all the needs of companies within our departments, we strive to reach all existing companies with better performance And professionalism.
      We are distinguished for being the source of trust and the first reference for companies in our field of work since our inception and providing the best suitable solution for our client.

      Our customers

      Major companies, private banks and international organizations.
      Target markets.
      The banking sector: banks and banks.
      Insurance sector: insurance companies.
      The health sector: hospitals and dispensaries.
      The educational sector: private universities, kindergartens and private schools.
      The hotel sector: different hotels.
      Private companies.
      International organizations.
      Telecom sector.


      Our values and principles

      Credibility and transparency in dealing with clients. Commitment to honesty and workmanship.
      Maintaining customer privacy.
      Maintain confidentiality of information.
      Satisfying the customer’s need without prejudice to a specific product.
      Considering the customer our partner in completing the service and sale process.


      Our Categories

      Meet all the needs of companies within the following sections:
      1. Papers: of all types of paper of various sizes, weights and colors.
      2. Writing and erasing: writing and erasing from all types of pens.
      3. Classification: All papers preservation works of various forms and sizes.
      4. Office tools: all the necessary number for the office table.
      5. Office supplements: all modes of office work.
      6. Office machines: all kinds of office machines for the company's work.
      7. Computers: all types of computers and their accessories.
      8. Technical systems: All electronic systems (networks ... etc.).
      9. Office furniture: office furniture and accessories.
      10. Daily needs: all the needs of hospitality and cleaning, including materials and tools.


      Our services

      In addition to the previous sections, there are three main services under the world of the office that complement our service to the customer It is necessary to add it to the services of the office world in order to complete our service work system, which leads To the integration of service work under one roof, which reduces the moral and material burdens on the customer (from what he suffers from Searching for new suppliers in several areas and thus saving time, effort) and financial burdens because he will get the price Most appropriate given his previous dealings with the office world and his confidence in him and the quality of his service.
      The new services are divided into three sections:


      Why us

      Competitive and distinguished price offers. Delivery time is within 24 hours of order confirmation.
      Free delivery within Damascus.
      Provide the right solution for your needs.
      Flexibility in handling.
      Cooperating with what the client deems appropriate in the way we work with him.
      Guarantee of quality materials and expertise.
      Shopping through a website and a catalog that saves you from going to the market.



      We always strive to provide the best service to you .. If there is any inquiry you have, please click on the next button and fill in the data .. Thank you for your kind contact ..